Residence 9 Windows and Doors

We offer the luxury windows and doors range from Residence 9, perfectly matching 19th-century flush timber. These home improvement options serve as high-performance replacements for timber style doors and windows, which have proven to be outdated when compared to modern standards. You’ll be able to enjoy a traditional appearance, brought into the modern age.

We appreciate the importance of authenticity, which is why offer windows and doors that are developed to imitate a flush timber design that sits gracefully in sync with heritage properties. Profiles consist of a composite foundation to offer a reformed level of functionality and flexibility while retaining thermal efficiency and the aesthetic of timber.

Our maintenance free Residence 9 windows and doors offer you more time to relax and enjoy themselves. This is also a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for repairs and replacements. These windows and doors shall require no painting or sanding. Our Residence 9 range of windows and doors also offer easy clean rebates too, preventing the build up of dust.

These window and door styles appear completely authentic with the stunning flush appearance, including the option to customise them in a wide range of colours and finishes. This includes a bespoke dual colour, allowing you to decorate the interior and exterior of your home simultaneously. We also offer beautiful Georgian bars for an outstanding finish.

We utilise Residence 9 profiles for their market leading designs, offering innovative features and high-performance standards. We use modern techniques, which combine with the remarkable work of our skilled craftsman to ensure exceptional quality is guaranteed. We will also install the windows in an efficient and professional manner, allowing you to enjoy more.

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Traditional Design, Modern Features

  • Weatherbar/mullion stiffener.
  • Nine chamber design.
  • Authentic cill design.
  • Composite materials.
  • Easy clean rebates.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Modern glazing.

Customise and Match Your R9 Windows and Doors

  • Working and dummy butt hinges.
  • Decorative trims available.
  • Double or triple glazing.
  • Configurable hardware.
  • Variation of sizes.
  • Bespoke colours.
  • Period features.

Thermally-Efficient R9 Windows and Doors

Our Residence 9 collection offers outstanding thermal efficiency, completely surpassing their traditional timber counterparts. These windows and doors achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+, using the most thermally-efficient triple glazing and double glazing available. They also achieve feature impressively low U-values, effortlessly meeting Building Regulations expectations.

Residence 9 windows doors feature and intelligently designed nine chamber profile design, which is 100mm wide and provides maximum thermal efficiency. We also offer a traditional weatherbar and mullion stiffener that ensures impressive weather proofing. You’ll be able to enjoy home improvements that combine the best of the new and the old.

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Wide Range of Hardware

We offer a wide range of distinctly beautiful, handles which will prove to be a beautiful addition to your property. We offer the R9 monkey tail design and R9 pear drop. These are handcrafted to create a truly inspiring aesthetic. We also offer hand forged, which support the windows while they open or closed. These stays are beautifully engineered to offer aesthetics and performance.

Featuring an incredibly durable design, these windows and doors will never corrode, achieving extremely low maintenance. The hand forging process lasts four hours and uses traditional techniques. You can also opt for an eye-catching set of corner posts, which may be added to tailor your windows and doors to your exact preferences. It’s never been easier to capture the perfect window or door design for your property.

The Georgian bars we offer will add personality to your home, preserving the traditions of old timber windows. We incorporate traditional butt hinges into our designs as well for maximum functionality. These additional features will allow you to capture the perfect heritage aesthetic, proving to be an exceptional addition to both modern and traditional homes.

Full Palette of Coloured Finishes

You are able to match colours to reflect each your interior and exterior with a high quality dual colour option. We offer a wide choice of colours in our collection to match period standards. We have 14 colours available, which may form 41 different colour combinations. Our exclusive batch of colours promises to transform homes room by room.

We feature a ‘Rosewood’, ‘Silvered Oak’, ‘Cotswold Biscuit’, ‘Painswick’ and ‘No 10 Black’ in addition to our many other bespoke colours. Visit our showroom to find the perfect match. We’ll strive to make the whole process as simple and quick as possible, allowing you to enjoy premium home improvements sooner.

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Quality-Assured R9 Windows and Doors

We strive to offer outstanding quality. At Malvern Glass, we deliver fast, effective solutions to all properties, including conservation areas. In conservation areas, there is a need for maximum durability while being environmentally friendly. uPVC is a poor solution for these parts, whereas our Residence 9 range of windows and doors are designed to perform.

We utilise the exact principles, shapes and dimensions of Article 4 Conservation Areas guidelines for windows and doors. We guarantee high-quality windows and doors from Residence 9. Your doors shall never warp, swell, flake or need sanding or painting for their duration. This is made possible by high-quality, innovative techniques that combine with premium materials.

Innovative Security Features

To ensure exceptional robustness and rigidity, we use an innovative process called glass bonding, which some of the world’s most important skyscrapers also utilise. The glass is bonded to the sash and to the bead on the inside, leading to high-security performance. The process also enhances the innate strength of the product, offering long lasting service.

These thick profiles are made to the highest CENA standards. Their design and screw retention reinforcements allow locks and hinges to be secured into position. Our Residence 9 windows and doors allow additional weight, such as triple glazing units, heavy duty hinges and steel reinforcements for ultimate performance that lasts throughout the year.

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Premium Residence 9 Windows and Doors

Our premium quality products achieve aesthetic appeal, offering features that capture a period aesthetic with the benefits of modern materials and innovative fabrication produced in the modern era. We fit our premium selection of windows and doors to any property, made to add luxury to the home whilst maintaining heritage. R9 seek to use 19th century design with modern benefits.

We are market-leaders in the division, purely because of our authentic looking styles. This includes a wide array of colours and hardware choices. We are proud to supply a high-end brand, with the attention on helping customers achieve beautiful, high-performance homes. You’ll be able to benefit from the very best in double glazing design, today.

Residence 9 Windows and Doors Prices

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