Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs

Our conservatory roofs are a fantastic, offering a range of tiled and slate finishes for you to choose from. Our conservatory roofs offer marketing leading quality from UltraFrame, ensuring exceptional quality across the board. Whether a home improvement or a new build extension, we provide exceptional variety. Our conservatory roofs are built to blend it with your home, which you can design in the way that suits your property.

We provide solid conservatory roofs and conservatory roof replacement designs from Leka and Ultraframe to provide you a market leading range of hybrid roof system solutions for your home extensions. These insulated warm roofs can feature a vaulted plastered ceiling for maximum space and style, allowing you to enjoy an addition to your home that combines both function and form to offer you more across the board.

You’ll be able to use this space with our advanced conservatory roofs design to fit flat panels for additional hung lights, or even have speakers fitted. You can customise your conservatory roof from interior to exterior, finding colours and tiled finishes to match your home. Our roofs are constructed from completely solid and robust tiles and slate, offering high levels of strength and support for your conservatory. To this effect, you will improve the security of your property.

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Our Conservatory Roofs

  • Thermally-Efficient – Our innovative design offers fantastic thermal-performance, achieving the lowest U-values on the market. You can amend your roofs specifications to match your budget, promising high-quality regardless of which option you opt for.
  • Robust – Our high-performance, solid tiled roofing systems are designed to offer the perfect level of security for your conservatory. These conservatory roofs are highly-secure and impressively durable, offering you total comfort in your conservatory.
  • Complementary Aesthetics – Our selection of conservatory roofs have both traditional and contemporary property appeal. These roofs are customisable from accessories to glazing and from colours to tiled finishes. Preserve the heritage of your home or create a new era.
  • Fully Configurable – We offer top of the range hardware, which has been tested to BBA standards and is fully compliant with Building Regulations. The hardware we offer allows you to increase the performance of your conservatory throughout.
  • Modern Design – These conservatory roofs are the latest technical designs, featuring modern components, premium materials and innovative ideas that improve product life and performance.

Home Benefits of Conservatory Roofs

  • Energy-Saving – Your thermally-efficient conservatory shall remain warmer during the cold of winter, but cooler during the summer with high-performance glazing. You’ll significantly reduce your energy usage, which will reflect in your bills shortly after installation.
  • Visual Appeal – Our conservatory roofs are perfectly suited to all tastes, offering an intelligent design with a wide variety of options for customisation. You may choose to have fully glazed panels with a tailored tiled finish or for a solid slated roof instead.
  • Light Illuminating Space – The high quality, vaulted ceiling allows you to enjoy increased spaciousness, which can be fitted with multi-glazed panels for a lighter, more spacious room. Our conservatory roofs provide more space and light than any others.
  • Security and Weather Performance – Our Roofs provide fantastically strong support for your conservatory, with premium quality tiles and high-performance glazing. Your conservatory will be more secure and protected against adverse weather.
  • Versatile – We offer our services as replacement roofs and new build extensions. Therefore you will not become stuck when in need of a conservatory roof. Our premium range of conservatory roofs offers the freedom to design spacious, beautiful extensions.

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Luxurious LivinROOF Conservatory Roofs

Our LivinROOF design comes in an urban grey colour for a classic finish. We fit glazed panels to these roofs to allow further light to flood into your living space and expand the views from within your conservatory. These glass panels also improve the thermal-efficiency of your conservatory, meaning you can opt for new energy-efficient glazing to achieve incredible thermal performance. LivinROOFs are 15 times more thermally-efficient than polycarbonate or glass roofs.

Our LivinROOFs offer luxurious aesthetics, offering the option be finished with classic lines from the Cornice design. There is an additional plasterboard finish for vaulted plastered ceilings, blending your conservatory and home seamlessly. We manufacture these roofs using insulated composite external panels and Kingspan slab insulation, which offer excellent thermal-efficiency for your home. Our roofs have very low u-Values of 0.18, which ensures your conservatory will stay warm throughout winter.

Lightweight UltraROOF Conservatory Roofs

We offer a highly-advanced conservatory roof design in the UltraROOF from expert conservatory manufacturers Ultraframe. Our lightweight tiled roofing system features innovative technologies that allow you to configure your conservatory roofs to match your requirements.Our UltraROOF system merges together glass with slim tiles or slate, creating an incredibly lightweight, subtle appearance that increases the aesthetic value. Your home is likely to increase in value too, with our incredibly cost-effective, energy-efficient roofing system.

Due to the modern technology implemented into the design, our UltraROOF380 is extremely thermally-efficient. The conservatory roofs cater for multiple glass panels or Velux Windows, helping you to achieve a brighter and warmer living space.Your conservatory roof will not allow draughts or rain to leak through the ceiling, with the glass panels reflecting heat back into your home from the sun, making it an extremely energy-efficient roofing system.

Remarkable RealROOF

The RealROOF design exceeds all other roofing systems for its unique flexibility and high-performance. They are incredibly versatile, which we will fit on newly built extensions or replace old roofs. Our outstanding RealROOF range achieves impressive standards, including the option for high-performance glazing to reduce glare and manage the room temperature the energy-efficient way. Our conservatory roofs can reach U-values of 0.12 W/m²K.

This RealROOf includes Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero-Structural roof panels, offering thermal performance that is unrivalled. Its innate strength also allows windows and bi-fold doors to be installed without the support of portals or lintels. These conservatory roofs achieve a perfect synergy between your conservatory and property, with the stunning vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside offering a high degree of flexibility with colours and decorative options.

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Leka Solid Conservatory Roofs

Leka Systems has produced a genuinely lightweight solid conservatory roof system that is available in two realistic tiled roof finishes. The unique Leka solid roof system provides incredible insulating performance along with long lasting, beautiful aesthetics, in a range if colour finishes that will complement and enhance any home in Worcester.

This super lightweight solid conservatory roof system provides homeowners in Worcester with a high performance alternative that uses innovative engineering and intelligent design. Perfect for new conservatories or to revamp a tired, outdated conservatory, these incredible solid conservatory roofs from Leka can transform your Worcestershire home.

Leka solid conservatory roof

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Conservatory Roof Prices

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