uPVC Roofline Solutions

We offer cost-effective, long term roofline solutions with our fantastic uPVC products. A superior material to timber due to its durable performance. With our uPVC roofline products, you’re certain to benefit from the cheapest and smartest solutions against rotting, discolouring, dust traps and any other damage. You’ll be able to enjoy outstanding quality without any headaches.

We offer a premium cladding, soffits and fascias service that once complete, promises to be low maintenance and long lasting. Our range maintains aesthetics that blend perfectly with your home. All roofline products include an in-built ventilator strip and eaves support tray, ensuring you benefit from the lowest maintenance and the highest quality Roofline solutions.

Bespoke Features

  • With our innovative, beautiful uPVC profiling, your home shall look stunning and perform perfectly to maintain high standards.
  • We offer bespoke colour finishes for roofline products to meet your exact specifications and offer a new canny aesthetic to you home.
  • We supply our Roofline products with an added ventilator strip and eaves support tray, which maximises the performance and efficiency of your home.
  • Malvern Glass offers a highly professional and convenient installation, which is made to measure and then fit by our expert team for ongoing performance all year around.


We provide incredible options for your cladding. Firstly, and most notably, we provide an alternative to timber for your home maintenance with innovative uPVC roofline solutions. You will be able to choose from an excellent selection of colours for your cladding, including ‘White’, ‘Woodgrain’ and ‘Oak’, complementing the colours of your home and roof.

Cladding is the material that provides insulation to the exterior of your home so that heat doesn’t escape. It also provides added weather performance for longer performance. uPVC cladding will add value to your property, with impressive complementary aesthetics which can be painted in any available colour for a beautiful and high quality finish.

Soffits and Fascias

Our roofline services include soffits and fascias for excellent roof support. We use uPVC for our roofline solutions for outstanding performance. Although timber is somewhat durable and strong to an extent, it experiences problems where the weather is concerned. uPVC bypasses this to ensure protection that lasts. Our roofline products will be a worthwhile addition to any property.

uPVC fascias will help protect the ends of roof rafters, which are pivotal to your roof systems performance and durability. uPVC fascias will never rot, warp or flake. Furthermore, uPVC soffits meanwhile will help keep the overhang of your roof in good condition, offering you the benefit of cleaner, well look after components for your roof.



Our roofline range is eco-friendly and completely recyclable. We reuse uPVC to produce our cladding, soffis, fascias and guttering and to reduce carbon emissions during manufacturing. uPVC Roofline solutions are sustainable for the future, with a popular array of features matching the demand. It’s never been easier to enjoy high quality in a eco-friendly way.

Cladding has a thermally broken multi-chambered profile, which contributes to a thermally-efficient home. Your home will remain warmer for longer without heating, reducing carbon footprint. Timber suffers defects over time, so that roof rafters and joists will need constant repair. uPVC soffits, cladding and guttering, is durable and recyclable, reducing waste of material.

Weather Proof Design

Your home becomes more prone to inclement weather when a high performance roofline has not been installed. At Malvern Glass, we recommend our high-end products to customers looking to secure their home. Our Roofline range provides leak free, low maintenance support for your property, at minimal cost. Our products will continue to offer value even after initial purchase.

uPVC is virtually self-cleaning and completely waterproof. We guarantee high weather performance form our weather sealant uPVC products, helping to maintain the condition of your home. You will be protected from the weather due to the robustness of uPVC products. If your roof is damaged, you are subject to rain, draughts, and extreme weather, so opt for our roofline range today.

Experienced Roofline Specialists

We have decades of experience installing roofline, and we pride ourselves on offering high-quality installation on delivering high-quality products. Our team are both highly experienced and friendly, offering a highly effective service to you. You’ll be able to have a low-cost solution installed with complete peace of mind.

We ensure that your uPVC roofline products adhere to the stringent standards of todays Building Regulations, allowing our specialists to fit them for you. We do not push sales and will only offer you something that you have asked for. If there does appear to be any problems, we will recommend the best solution and leave it with you.

Aesthetic Appeal

We offer complementary soffits and fascia boards to produce desirable aesthetics. You’ll notice the difference between timber and uPVC, without taking away any of the aesthetic value. We incorporate contemporary design with our uPVC Roofline products that complement the beautiful architecture of your property. Our colours create a truly customised look for your home.

Our cladding provides a beautiful finish to your home aesthetics. We’re sure we have a cladding aesthetic that is perfectly suited to you. Cladding enriches the character of a home in a bespoke way. Our cladding is appropriate for heritage and contemporary homes alike, with its exceeding beauty and timeless design. They are sure to be the perfect fit for your property.

Versatile Design

Homes are offered our very versatile roofline services in a choice of styles. Our highly adaptable uPVC cladding, soffits, fascias and guttering all come in a selection of colours with added functions. Our cladding is available as sliding, vertical sliding and double sliding, allowing you to completely tailor the design to your requirements. Our expert team will be able to tailor our roofline products to meet your property perfectly.

You can choose from either of our roofline products or install several of them at any given time. These versatile uPVC products will work in sync with windows and doors for optimal performance. Our guttering will fit any existing positions for ultimate flexibility over the design of your guttering, with our versatile guttering solutions just one way to enhance your home.

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Cost-Effective Roofline Solutions

Our contemporary, advanced performance uPVC roofline range has the edge over timber for quality and quantity. uPVC is extremely thermally-efficient and weather proof, meaning you’ll save money on your energy bills and on added insulation. This is made possible by relying less on your central heating throughout the year.

Next, uPVC is perhaps the lowest maintenance product available on the market, meaning all time and money repairs and cleaning will no longer be necessary. uPVC leaves a long-lasting impression on your home, which you’ll grow to love more and more. Secure yourself a roofline range that offers quality that lasts.

Roofline Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form today to speak to a member of our team about our roofline prices. We’re proud to offer highly competitive prices to all of our customers.

For any questions regarding our roofline products, prices or other services, please fill out the form at our online contact page. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help you in a professional and prompt manner.

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