uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

We offer a selection of uPVC bow and bay windows to enhance your home with added character and security. Installing our uPVC bow and bay windows helps create a sense of space and transforms a home with an exciting new addition.

These windows provide an aesthetic that works to complement both modern and traditional homes alike. Utilising an outstanding uPVC profile to ensure exceptional standards of performance and design across the board.

We only use high-quality uPVC that has undertaken an eco-friendly manufacturing process, in order to succeed in creating uPVC bow and bay windows that offer outstanding, impressive performance in a sustainable way.
Bow Bay Windows Malvern

Choose From Any of Our Hardware Options

We offer a comprehensive array of hardware options across our uPVC bow and bay windows. This ensures outstanding degrees of quality that is consistent throughout the whole of the window, including security and aesthetic. Equal glass areas are achieved by providing additional dummy sashes. These even out the sightlines for an enhanced aesthetic look for your home. We incorporate innovative joint couplings into our designs, which prevent dust traps forming to help maintain the upkeep of your home.

We also provide a completely bespoke one-piece cill, which offers a beautifully consistent aesthetic for your home. Our windows also benefit from the addition of structural bay poles, increasing structural integrity. We can help your transform your property with our uPVC bow and bay windows, external hardware and accessories. You can choose from a wide range of decorative options, including coloured or woodgrain foiled finishes for a classic charm.

High-Security Design

• Hardware and striker keeps are screwed into top hat fixing points and screw ports.
• Additional chamber enables galvanised steel reinforcement.
• Thermally-broken multi-chambered profile.
• Multi-point locking mechanisms.
• PAS024:2012 for security.
• High strength uPVC.

Thermally-Efficient Build

• Features weather seal flipper and glazing pad for improved seal.
• Wide drainage channel reducing water ingress residue.
• Modern design for increased weather performance.
• Thermally efficient profile to improve WER.
• BS6375 rated.
• WER ‘A’ rating.

uPVC Bow Bay Windows

High-Performance uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

We utilise innovative, high-performing technologies in our profiling and glazing to offer our customers modern yet bespoke window solutions for homes needing the perfect match. This means our windows are sure to satisfy. To ensure a warmer, more comfortable home throughout the year, our windows use a thermally-broken, multi-chambered profile. This works to effectively retain heat inside the home while eliminating draughts.

Heat is retained with low-emissivity glazing, split down the middle to provide a gap for inert gas to enter, which prevents cold air getting through. Our uPVC bow and bay windows provide excellent sealants against water ingress, draughts, and noise pollution. Bow and bay windows are both aesthetically pleasing and high security. Our uPVC bow and bay windows are even more secure than ever before, due firstly to the innate properties of its uPVC profiles.

Stylish uPVC

Our uPVC bay windows offer a crisp, clean and contemporary apppearance. Whilst uPVC bow windows are beautifully curved to create a stunning new feature that exudes classic charm. No matter your property style, we can accommodate.

The uPVC we use across exudes a clean and pristine finish, which complement its sleek, profile aesthetics. We modernise a truly traditional look to suit the demands of the modern homeowner, meaning there is no need to settle for less.

We create truly authentic bow and bay windows, replicating traditional styles that expand space of a home. Our amazing uPVC bow and bay windows contribute to a stylish, period look for any property.

Eco-Friendly uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

Our uPVC windows are 100% recyclable, including most hardware. We offer a bespoke service and utilise an incredibly eco-friendly manufacturing process. This includes the use of high quality, recycled uPVC. The recycling process has no detrimental effect on performance or appearance.

We take pride in supplying an eco-friendly solution for homeowners too. By installing energy-efficient windows, you will rely less heavily on your heating, therefore reducing carbon emissions and heating costs throughout the year.

The great thing is at the end of their tenure, they can simply be put in the bin, dispatched for recycling, and provide another home with the same great service they provided before. Enjoy outstanding home improvements the green way.

uPVC Bow Bay Windows Malvern

Bow and Bay Window Enhance Your Home with Light and Space

uPVC bow and bay windows allow generous amounts of natural light to flood into any room in which they are installed. This means that the room will not only become brighter, it will also offer a heightened feeling of spaciousness.

You shall notice more space, and more comfort inside your property. Our uPVC bow and bay windows also offer beautiful, panoramic views. This is then enhanced with low sightlines and a slim uPVC profile.

The great benefit with our low-emissivity glazing also means that sunlight shall heat your home up naturally. You can also choose from a wide range of decorative glazing options to outfit your windows with an appearance that is perfect for you.

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

At Malvern Glass, we offer high-quality manufactured uPVC bow and bay windows which use the profiling system. This profile combines premium grade materials with an innovative, intelligent and market-leading design to offer you an addition to your home that is sure to satisfy. Low maintenance and highly durable, our bow and bay windows are sure to be a worthwhile addition to your home, offering high standards of quality that is built to last.

Both our profiles provide great thermal-performance, high-security, and crisp aesthetics, meaning when you invest with our amazing uPVC bow and bay windows, you’re sure to notice the difference that they bring. The beautiful profile is beautifully sleek and stylish, formed from high-quality uPVC, guaranteeing that you experience durable quality and stylish appearance. These windows specialise in enhancing any home in which they are installed.

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows Prices

Please visit our online quoting engine today to gain to access to our competitive prices on our uPVC bow and bay products. We offer instant, free of charge quotes to our customers.

We also have a contact page, where you may leave your name and details and we will get in touch with you regarding any queries you have. We’ll be able to answer in a prompt and professional way.

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