uPVC French Doors

uPVC French Doors

French doors offer a beautifully unique design that captures a European charm. They offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, able to achieve a bespoke look for your home. Made from uPVC, we offer high-performance French doors which are just as cost-effective as they are enduring. We also use uPVC that is 100% recyclable, for a sustainable option.

We provide uPVC French doors for every budget, which promise to enhance the beauty of any home. These doors are specially designed to capture an impressive aesthetic, seamlessly complementing other features such as your windows and brickwork. No matter if your home is modern or traditional, we’ll be able to accommodate to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Due to a security conscious design, our uPVC French doors completely minimise weak spots. These doors provide two opening sashes that are fitted with high security, multi-point locks for increased security. The two opening sashes offer great functionality and accessibility, which ensures a wonderful addition to your home that offers increased accessibility and ventilation.

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Innovative, Thermally-Efficient uPVC French Doors

Our doors use the latest, market-leading profile systems. This five-chambered profile design features thermally-efficient qualities as well as rigidity and durability. Our modern uPVC profiles are inherently strong and reliable, offering you more for your home. It’s never been easier to enhance your home with the benefits of modern innovation.

There is the option to use a patented thermal insert inside the chambers to provide exceptional thermal performance. We bridge the gap between the beads using a spacer bar and gaskets. This spacer bar provides a holder for glazed panes to fit into and allows inert gases such as Argon and Krypton to filter through, blocking cold air to ensure a warmer home throughout the year.

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High-Quality uPVC French Doors

• These uPVC French doors accommodate a high-performance profile design, which is made to measure the space at your home. These are certain to offer a level of sophistication for your property, with sleek profile depths and a touch of European flair.
• Our uPVC French doors are composed of a scratch-resistant material that promises to remain looking its best for years to come. The profile consists of a special gasket channel, which reduces the risk of hard lumps in corners, retaining fresh aesthetics.
• They are completely weatherproof, ensuring that your door operates effectively throughout their extensive lifespan. We also offer accessories and components to achieve maximum weather protection for your home, staying clear of the cold and rain.
• These doors are made to meet the highest standards of security and weather performance. We offer as a design that has been tested and approved by PAS24 for security. They also meet BS6375 standards of weather performance, promising high-quality, high-performance doors.
• Composed from premium uPVC, our French doors are highly innovative. They provide market-leading performance due to the durability and energy-efficiency that comes with high-grade uPVC. Our premium uPVC French doors offer impressive aesthetics too.

Low Maintenance uPVC

• With our uPVC French doors, they are measured to match your home and will fit your aperture perfectly. This provides an easy way to clean them when necessary. Additionally, the sashes open simultaneously for safer cleaning.
• Our uPVC French doors rarely require cleaning, as the material is completely low-maintenance and will never rot, wear or discolour. All that is needed is an occasional wipe down to help them remain looking their best.
• We offer an incredible batch of colours and foils to our customers, which are extremely high-quality. Our colours and foils, therefore, make a long-lasting finish, providing the perfect aesthetic performance for your property.
• This uPVC does not warp, which ensures an elegant looking French door for your home. The material offers great performance in this department where timber doors falter. You’ll be able to enjoy a traditional look without the setbacks.
• Although uPVC is completely water-proof, our designs incorporate a wider drainage channel to quickly drain water and reduce the risk of residue build up. This pays dividends when you consider the amount of costly maintenance that is required when it happens.

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Highly-Versatile uPVC French Doors

Taking into account your specifications, we can create uPVC French doors bespoke to you. French doors are the ultimate way of expanding a wall or space while maintaining performance. We provide a variety of hardware and accessories for our uPVC French doors, which you may configure and customise exactly to your tastes. Our highly skilled team do all the fitting for you.

Our hardware is fitted to top hat fixing points and screw ports for improved technical performance. These allow for any hardware from leading suppliers to be fitted as deemed adequate by you. French Doors increase exposure to natural light through their glazing, which will illuminate the space in your home. We offer wide glazing areas with reduced sightlines for enhanced views.

Bespoke Aesthetics

French doors offer a wonderful alternative to sliding doors. Their European heritage makes them a popular door choice in Britain. These beautifully bespoke uPVC French doors are a luxurious open for all properties, which blend seamlessly with the outside and inside of a property. These doors will be a wonderful addition to any home.

Our uPVC French doors replicate the intrinsic design of their traditional build, combining it with a highly intelligent uPVC profile. We take care to manufacture uPVC French doors with precision edges. We also offer a unique selection of beading options, including chamfered, ovolo, and sculpted design.

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High-Security uPVC French Doors

Our uPVC French doors are fitted with multi-point locks, high-quality hinges and robust handles. These increase the inherent security of which the door provides. We offer innovative adjustable locks and shootbolt locks with our uPVC French doors. There is also a 33mm hardware groove to accept more substantial locking mechanisms with a tidier appearance.

An additional chamber allows for steel reinforcement. Resulting in greater strength and security. This, however, does not sacrifice thermal-efficiency. Our doors are designed to achieve Secured by Design standards, an accreditation awarded by a Police security initiative. You’ll be backed by the ERA 5* Security Guarantee when you purchase our doors. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a peace of mind that lasts.

uPVC French Doors Prices

At Malvern Glass, we provide high-quality doors at affordable prices, tailoring for every budget. Visit our online quoting engine today to get a free, instant and competitive French door price.

If you have any questions regarding our uPVC French doors, please head to our online contact page. When you’ve filled out a form, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to assist you.

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