uPVC Flush Sash Windows

uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Our unique uPVC flush sash window range is perfectly suited to any home. This window design is inspired by traditional joinery to sit flush in the frame. Flush sash windows are designed to mirror the traditional styles of earlier 19th century windows, allowing you to bring a heritage charm to your home whilst enjoying modern benefits that come with contemporary design.

We work to exceed beyond expectations, offering our you the exact match for your property. Our windows are also fully compliant with Building Regulations in conservation areas. Ultimately, our uPVC flush sash windows capture a beautifully traditional aesthetic, offering revamped performance in terms of thermal-efficiency, security and maintenance.

These three factors are heavily associated with problems of heritage homes in the past, which is why we offer our cost-effective uPVC flush sash windows as an outstanding solution. The design replicates traditional painted timber, which is virtually indistinguishable from the original window. Our innovative design bypasses the problems with tinder, guaranteeing a window that lasts.

Low Maintenance Flush Sash Windows

Our uPVC is high-quality, offering exceptional standards across the board. The uPVC that we use is 100% recyclable material, offering a sustainable option. It is also a highly durable solution for flush sash windows, that will promise to perform the same in years to come as it did to start with. Your uPVC windows won’t rot, rust, warm or discolour over the year.

At Malvern Glass, we promise outstanding quality uPVC flush sash windows, surpassing other windows on the market. We provide a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee to show our commitment to our customers. We also offer a range of premium paints, available in 30 colours to achieve a distinct aesthetic for your home. They offer a stunning finish and great durability, remaining beautiful after years of use.

Solid door

Trusted Aesthetics, Beautiful Finish

  • Heritage looks, versatile installation.
  • Subtle frame and sash profile.
  • Stunning foil finishes.
  • Long-lasting uPVC.
  • Flush design.

High-Performance uPVC Flush Sash Windows

  • Choice of high-performance handles.
  • Extremely durable uPVC.
  • Thermally-efficient.
  • High-security locks.
  • 10-year guarantee.

Innovative Technology

Our flush sash windows consist of five thermally-broken chambers, reducing bulk to offer a slim line design. This multi-chambered profile provides enhanced strength with sleek aesthetics. Our profiles are designed to achieve ‘A’ standard Windows Energy Ratings, offer outstanding thermal efficiency. Our innovative multi-chambered profile helps them to achieve this status.

Our uPVC flush sash windows are fashioned so that the sash sits flush in the frame, offering a beautifully consistent window for your property. Our profiles are slimline and versatile to cater for this. The uPVC flush sash window we offer are able to prevent condensation with double or triple glazing. They also offer impressive soundproofing for your home.

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Highly-Secure uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Our uPVC flush sash windows utilise premium grade uPVC to uphold impressive strength and robustness. The high performance, market-leading profile we use across our window design has surpassed stringent testing to achieve PAS24 security standards. This means you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind, installed by experts to secure the perfect fit throughout.

Flush sash windows have innate uPVC strength and durability, allowing them to achieve a standard of security that is set to last. When these windows are closed, they are secured tightly in order to provide a high performance barrier against weather and would be intruders. They have proven themselves to be a wonderful investment for any home.

Our flush sash windows feature inbuilt multi-point locks for maximum security. When enhanced with our double or triple glazing options, these windows perform exceptionally across the board. These locking systems ensure the security standard we offer remains consistent throughout both the sash and the frame to ensure outstanding security remains consistent.

Environmentally-Friendly uPVC Flush Sash Windows

We manufacture our uPVC windows by recycling uPVC, allowing for sustainable, premium standard home improvements. This allows them to be beneficial to the environment, reducing waste and carbon emissions. It’s never been easier to enjoy exceptional windows in a green way, allowing you to enjoy enhanced peace of mind.

This also allows us to offer windows that are incredibly cost-effective. We pride ourselves on having a very small carbon footprint, providing energy-efficient windows so that you rely on your heating much less. Not only will this allow you to reduce your carbon emissions, you’ll also be able to enjoy reduced heating bills.

We work in full compliance with Article 4, meaning any window developments made in conservation areas must be approved first. This shows our dedication to being environmentally-friendly. Our flush sash windows can be perfectly tailored to suit your conservation property, proving to be a wonderful addition throughout.

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Weather-Proofing Performance

We provide energy-efficient frames and glazing with our uPVC flush sash windows, providing outstanding thermal-performance and weather proofing. A low level PCE gasket creates a thermal barrier against water ingress and draughts, so the weather does not affect performance or comfort of your home. These windows offer a design that simply offer you more for your home.

We install a high quality spacer bar to create a gap between the glazed sheets. This allows an inert gas to fill inside, ensuring thermal efficiency is maintained. This helps to keep warm air inside your home. With our double and triple glazing options, our windows provide excellent protection from any adverse weather, ensuring draughts and water ingress are eliminated.

Our profiles are also thermally-broken into five chambers, which are responsible for heat retention, allowing you to enjoy a warmer home. These uPVC flush sash windows have been acknowledged for their incredible weather protection, achieving BS6375 standards. They are tested against severe weather conditions during the process to ensure they perform.

uPVC Flush Sash Windows Prices

Our uPVC flush sash windows offer outstanding quality at a competitive price. To find out more about our products and prices, please visit our online quoting engine. This tool allows you to get a price in no time at all.

You may alternatively get in touch with our team at our online contact page. We provide an excellent customer service to help you with any questions you may have related to our products.

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