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Our uPVC stable doors offer a beautifully charming aesthetic, capturing the instantly recognisable aesthetic of open in and out dual sashes. You can also choose from optional low thresholds, which allow maximum accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. A high quality uPVC stable door will allow you to bring a country charm to your home, whilst still enjoying modern standards.

Each sash offers its own function, allowing you to increase the ventilation of your property without reducing home security. They create a perfectly synchronised feature for your home, offering a multi-functional addition that is sure to be a worthwhile investment for your property. Enjoy the very best indoor design and enhance your property with a beautiful addition, today.

We utilise our wealth of experience to ensure your stable doors are fitted to an exceptional standard. We always operate to a professional, reliable and efficient standard, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that only high quality service can bring. Don’t settle for less than Malvern Glass for your home and secure yourself a service across Worcestershire, including Worcester, that is sure to satisfy.

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Our highly-secure uPVC stable doors achieve impressive security standards, obtaining PAS24 standards. To reach these optimum standards, we have used modern materials and contemporary techniques.

Firstly, there are our high-security locking mechanisms. We offer several multi-point options including hook bolt (featuring two security hooks), and a shootbolt.

Next, we use high-quality, multi-chambered uPVC. This material has been through a highly delicate manufacturing process to offer excellent door frames and sashes.

Thirdly, the profile utilises a robust, highly secure multi-chambered profile. This enhances the rigidity without sacrificing thermal efficiency.

Lastly, we use modern components to help with the functionality of the door. This includes highly secure handles and hinges, each able to perform in sync with one another.

Thermally-Efficient uPVC Stable Doors

Our collection of stable doors achieves a Windows Energy Rating of ‘A’ ,with a double glazed unit and standard outerframe. There is potential to improve thermal efficiency by using our patented insert, which fits between the glass panes to trap heat while rejecting cold draughts. You’ll be able to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable home.

Our uPVC stable doors meet BS6375 weather performance standards, which ensures your home will stay protected from the elements all year round. Thermally-broken, multi-chambered uPVC profiles are utilised to build our stable doors, which feature fantastic thermal performance properties being able to retain heat exceptionally well.

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Our uPVC stable doors are cost-effective solutions for several reasons, namely because of their energy-efficient properties. Throughout the year you will require heating and air-conditioning less often, saving you on energy bills. This means that our stable doors continue to save you money, even after initial purchase.

You can tailor your door to your budget and needs. We provide cost-effective solutions for any property, with a great variety of options for everyone. Our uPVC stable doors are completely low maintenance, which means you’ll no longer need to pay for repairs, replacements, or deep cleaning. You’ll save money without missing out.


  • 100% recyclable and reusable.
  • No need for timber.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Energy-Efficient.


  • Enhances character.
  • Great colour range.
  • Glazing patterns.
  • Traditional style.

Traditional Aesthetics

Alternatively, you can create variety by combing these doors with aluminium windows. Our beautiful stable doors offer the standard of performance and design, achieving traditional designs with modern performance. Our uPVC stable doors may be suited with uPVC windows for a perfect complementing, look that can be tailored to any home.

You’ll be able to alter the aesthetics and performance to suit you. Stable doors are able to transform parts of the home using the appearance design. These stylish doors can be effortlessly fitted to both modern and traditional homes. We also offer a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure your find your perfect look with complete ease.

Multiple Glazing Solutions

With our premium uPVC profiles, we offer excellent glazing to support them, including double and triple glazing for optimal thermal efficiency. You can improve energy efficiency with our triple glazing, capable of achieving extremely low U-values of 0.8 when fitted with stable doors. Both our double and triple glazing utilise outstanding techniques to guarantee quality.

The list of glazing options is extensive, including a complete set of obscure glass, coloured or tinted glass. We also offer solar glass for temperature regulation.  It’s never been easier to enjoy outstanding glazing that combines the best of both function and form to simply offer you more for your money.

We also use low level gaskets to increase your glazing space, which is enhanced with a slim sash. You can tailor the glazing area to receive greater views and natural light through your stable doors. This means that not only will these doors keep your home warm; they will also bring a bright and spacious feel to any room. These doors are sure to be a beautiful addition to any home.

Hardware Options

We provide high performance hardware options from market-leading manufacturers, which are under a comprehensive ten year guarantee. Our stable doors feature top hat fixing points and screw ports for a solid fitting. Our high-quality locking systems are made to be robust, offering enhanced strength by using strikers, which also reduces the risk of leverage. We offer multi-point locks, such as our hook lock, which features two security hooks for impressive performance and security.

We provide an extensive range of handles for your complete satisfaction. Our impressive array of stable doors handles includes chrome or gold colours, with a wide range of handle styles to suit your home. To increase security and offer you complete control over the construction of your doors, we also offer a set of hinges, which includes our fully adjustable hinges for optimal functionality.

uPVC Stable Doors Prices

To get a free, instant and highly competitive stable door quote, simply head over to our online quoting engine today. We offer competitive prices on uPVC stable doors to meet your budget.

Alternatively, give us a call on our number, or visit our online contact page and fill out the form there. Somebody will be on hand to answer you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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