Timber Doors

Timber Doors

Timber doors combine traditional form with modern functionality. They feature the latest innovative technology to enhance performance, while maintaining the traditional aesthetics and strength of timber wooden doors.

Our Timber doors are manufactured using a market-leading design, using different profile materials such as softwood and hardwood. We provide a variety of doors for different parts of your home, offering an exceptional choice for your timber doors.

Timber Doors Malvern

Tailored Design

Our timber doors are available in an assortment of coloured finishes, which you can tailor to complement the interior and exterior of your property. Our softwood option comes in a redwood Scandinavian pine texture, with our hardwood is available in dark red meranti.

There is a multitude of ways to tailor timber doors, including edge rebates such as ovolo and sculpted, timber threshold with three configurations, a choice of shaped heads in curved, arched and gothic designs. Our exceptional hardware range offers locking handles and adjustable hinges.

Our doors come in contemporary and traditional designs, both inhabiting the same high-performance while appearing slightly different from one another. We outfit our timber doors with triple or acoustic glazing, maximising performance with minimal effect on aesthetics.

Innovative Design Features

• Our timber doors are available in numerous configurations of opening sizes and door designs. With these timber doors, you’ll effortlessly achieve a bespoke look for your home.
• We offer a unique stable door option, which enriches the character provided by your new home improvement. A stable leaf adds a new level of functionality to your home too.
• You can customise the colour of frame and panels in any way you like, with a variety of colours from RAL, BS, and NCS on offer.
• Our timber doors mouldings and bars are high-quality, available in contemporary and traditional designs.

Timber Doors Worcester

High-Performance Hardware Features

• We have several hinge options including SFS Just 3D hinges and SFS Easy 3D hinges, which offer multi-dimensional adjustability. Our timber doors may be right or left-hand hinged.
• We provide an extensive variety of cylinders, such as keyed alike cylinders, thumb turn cylinders, and three-star security cylinders with anti-pick, anti drill and anti bump resistance.
• We fit high-security handles with espagnolette locking systems to our timber doors. Handle locking types are split spindle on level/lever, available in our bespoke colours.
• We offer single and double leaf designs, with lead leaf handle operate locking on single lead systems and shootbolt locking available on double leaf designed French doors.
• A 22m projection weatherboard is included with our French Doors. The weatherboard is designed to keep rainwater outside of your home.

Thermally-Efficient Timber Doors

As we know, wood does not possess innate weather proofing properties to keep a home secure and dry. However, our specially engineered timber doors are fully weather sealed and fantastically thermally-efficient, having incredible repercussions on your energy bills and carbon footprint. Even with a distinctively thin profile, our timber doors offer full protection. For this, we utilise multi-layered insulated panels and implement double or triple glazing to eliminate draughts. Our timber doors have been water tested up to 50 Pa, and wind tested up to 800 PA.

These timber doors achieve impressively low U-values between 1.0 and 1.5W/m²K. These figures indicate that timber doors are a viable alternative to other materials on the market for thermal performance, which allows you to achieve the most authentic, bespoke style for your property. There are sidelight and fanlight options available from our contemporary catalogue, which allows heat and light to enter the home keeping your home warmer throughout the year. We also use glass fibre reinforcements in the profile to perform better at higher temperatures.

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High-Security Timber Doors

They feature the latest inbuilt handle operated espagnolette locking system to maintain high-security standards, which have met PAS2 standards and Secured by Design accreditation. Our timber sliding doors range offer three configurable options for locking, including solely espag operated. Meanwhile, timber folding doors provide internal and external locking and access on various models and may be frame hinged ensuring optimal levels of security for your home. Our fully adjustable hinges perform perfectly for high-performance security.

Our special laminated glazing means that even if a glass pane shatters that it stays in place, providing amazing security performance for your home. Nevertheless, our double and triple glazing seeks to provide exceptional security levels of its own, Doors are internally glazed for enhanced security. Our impressive multi-layered timber doors excel in security when fitted with high-security locking mechanisms. These doors deliver robust, safe, and durable performance all year around, making our timber doors the home improvement of choice for our customers.

Timber Door Styles Malvern

Stunning Aesthetics

Our doors characterise traditional beauty in their unique, eloquent design, but are also an upcoming feature with our contemporary timber door designs. These accommodate crisp lines and flush panels to complement modern properties. Timber doors are available as entrance doors, French doors, folding doors and sliding doors, each possessing their own character and charm. Timber aesthetics are instantly recognisable, exuding a sense of heritage and period class.

These doors are designed to be flexible, as we offer a variety of customisation options for the leaf, frame and panels, hardware, and the glazing too. You can design your doors exactly to the shape, size, and colours of your specification. Our colours are both high-quality and beautiful, allowing you to decorate your door perfectly. We also offer an innovative dual colour option, allowing you to decorate the internal and exterior of your home simultaneously.

Timber Doors Prices

Visit our easy to use online quoting engine today to get a free and instant timber door price, just specify the details of your designs, and we will offer you a competitively priced quote right away.

Alternatively, you may speak to us direct y by filling out a short form at our online contact page. We shall do our best to be in touch as quickly as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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