uPVC Patio Doors

Our high-performance uPVC patio doors will allow you to increase the space of your home. Their beautiful aesthetics and practical functionality create a prominent feature for any home. uPVC Patio doors are a step forward from residential doors, as they glide elegantly side to side which eliminates the need for a swing space which allows you to increase your living space.

These doors create a seamless transition between your home and outdoors, perfectly opening out  for a spacious entrance point. Your home shall benefit from increased ventilation and natural light allowance. The sleek uPVC profile design reduces visible sightlines to create maximum glazing area and better views. We also use low-line gaskets to make way for a more generous glazed area.

Our uPVC patio doors are available in 2, 3, or 4 pane options, which may open in any combination. You can also customise the sash sizes to fit whichever glazing panels you prefer, meaning you’ll be able to tailor your patio door to fit your home perfectly. Our patio doors are sure to be a worthwhile addition to any property, enhancing aesthetic and performance throughout.

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Security Features

  • Our unique uPVC patio door range features a high-performance four-point hook lock, ensuring the customer receives maximum security for their home. Multi-point locks are the latest innovative technologies available for home improvement products.
  • We provide exceptional anti-lift blocks and anti-drill/anti-pick cylinders, preventing any leverage from intruders outside. An inbuilt anti-jacking system helps support the reinforced uPVC profile and high-strength hardware.
  • We offer a toughened 28mm glazing option for extra support and laminated glazing to hold together the glass if it shatters. These provide exquisite cover for your home against any sudden impact.
  • Our splendid uPVC patio doors have been Secured by Design accredited. They have also been measured up against the high-level standards of PAS24 for security, enabling the highest security performance available.


  • For greater thermal-efficiency, we embed a triple chambered design, which is thermally broken to trap heat and deter draughts. uPVC has low conductivity of heat, and therefore it is innately effective at keeping homes warmer.
  • Our uPVC patio doors, combined with our glazed panes, achieve U-values that comply with Building Regulations. Our low U-values exceed these expectations, by meeting Passivhaus requirements.
  • Innovative gaskets and a spacerbar fill the space between the beads to prevent heat escaping. The glazed panes are fitted tightly to the spacer bar, which creates a gap where inert gas can get through, preventing cold air getting into your home.

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Versatile uPVC Patio Doors

Our modern uPVC patio doors will transform a property, providing a suitable match up for traditional homes and contemporary households alike. They can be used for conservatories, porches, main entrances and even as interior doors. We design our uPVC patio doors with style, security and form in mind.

Our doors are fitted to a stainless steel track system, which allows them to easily and safely glide upon opening and closing. There are flexible ways to configure your doors opening. For instance, our four pane patio doors may have multiple openings, and our internal and external sliding options change the way they open.


With a set of our thermally-efficient uPVC patio doors, you’ll be protected from the elements while still receiving the benefits from the warmth. During cold spells, your patio doors will ensure your property remains warm. Concealed drainage and double wood piling, also enhances draftproofing for your property, without compromising aesthetic.

This innovative design accommodates double brush seals on four sides, while there is also a unique quadruple-seal interlock. A patented thermal insert may be placed between the multi-chambered frame and sash to improve weather protection and heat conservation. This will allow you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable home, all throughout the year. You’ll be able to enjoy these doors, whatever the weather.

Brighten Up Your Space

Our uPVC patio doors combine a large glazing area with a sleek and slim profile to maximise the amount of natural light coming into your home. We improve the sightlines using low-level gaskets in the sash frame, meaning a generous amount of natural light is let in.

Our patio doors transform your space in a wide variety of ways.  For maximum benefits from natural light, they can be configured to have the widest available opening, allowing you to leave them wide open while you relax in your home. They can also be combined with low thresholds to offer maximum accessibility.

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Configurable Options

Our customers are treated to a variety of configurable hardware, accessories and finishes for their uPVC patio doors.  We offer shaped beading such as chamfered or featured designs. These are an elegant touch for your uPVC patio doors. We also offer a choice of bevelled or sculptured frames to match windows.

Our selection of high-security handles is available in traditional gold, chrome, white and black colours, offering an ideal addition to your uPVC patio doors. There is a night vent feature available for your uPVC patio doors, which provides extra ventilation during the night without compromising security.

We include a myriad of decorative options, such as our mid-rail with letter plate, for completely bespoke uPVC patio doors. This means that you’ll be able to tailor your uPVC patio doors to suit your home seamlessly. With such a wide choice available, we’re confident we’ll have the right choice to match your home and your budget.

Colour Options

Our beautiful uPVC patio doors come in a variety of styles. Manage the aesthetics of your door with our wide assortment of coloured and woodgrain foils. Choices include our classic ‘White’ option to match other white uPVC windows around your home. Alternatively, opt for our radiant ‘Rosewood’ range of uPVC patio doors for alluring appeal.

We also offer the golden oak colour range, which is the ultimate style of choice for an excellent finish to your patio doors. Our outstanding set of colours and woodgrain foils are of the highest-quality, which promise never to discolour or fade away. If you have chosen an aluminium threshold for your patio doors, we offer the corresponding colours to go with it, making sure our colours are as diverse as our doors.

upvc patio doors Malvern

uPVC Patio Doors Prices

Visit our online quoting engine today to get a free, instant and highly competitive uPVC patio doors price. Our innovative tool will allow you to get a cost that has been tailored to your specifications.

If you wish to speak to somebody before your purchase, we have a friendly, experienced crew of team members waiting to hear from you. Please get in touch at our online contact page today! We install patio doors all over worcestershire, including Worcester.

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