Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We offer high-performance aluminium bi-fold doors that utilise the market-leading Smart aluminium profile system. This includes a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations for you to choose from. Our aluminium bi-fold doors can be outfitted with a range glazing styles, allowing you to tailor your doors to you. It’s ever been easier to let natural light pour into your home.

We only use premium grade aluminium, which has been tested against rigorous conditions to guarantee quality. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind quality can bring. Aluminium bi-fold doors feature an intelligent design that allows them to create a seamless connection to your garden. This allows for maximum accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users.

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Innovative Technology

• Steel Slider Track – Our aluminium bi-fold doors open out on a steel roller gliding system that provides sashes with balance and strength.
• Multiple Folding Configurations – Choose whether the main sash is at the end to allow a sweeped opening, or in the middle to achieve a double door entrance. Available in 3-7 panel configurations.
• High-Security Locks – We use multi-point locks such as hook locks and shootbolts to enhance security performance.
• Low Emissivity Glazing – We utilise Low-E glass for our glazed panes, which is highly thermally-efficient and outstanding quality.
Unique Aesthetics
• Bespoke Aluminium Profile – These profiles complement aluminium, uPVC and timber with colour customisations and woodgrain foils, for an entirely bespoke appearance.
• Sleek Profile – Our Smart Systems profiling is extremely slim, allowing for impressive views and remove unpleasant sightlines too.
• Modern Design – Our beautiful aluminium bi-fold doors offer bespoke finishes with chamfered, ovolo or squared edges. We use mitred corners in fabrication for neat corners.
• Rebated Thresholds – Enjoy a unique style for your aluminium bi-fold doors. There is an extra low threshold option to accommodate for wheelchair users.

Thermally-Efficient Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The Visofold 1000 profile that we use is extremely high performance, consisting of a multi-chambered design aimed at providing enhanced thermal efficiency to the aluminium base material. Building Regulations require buildings to meet certain criteria regarding thermal performance and safety. Our aluminium bi-fold doors exceed these standards for your peace of mind.

We use innovative techniques to achieve impressive thermal efficiency. A polyamide thermal break is fitted into the profile to alter the way it retains heat, offering a more comfortable home. Our profiles feature EPDM premier quality gaskets to block out draughts. Meanwhile, weather brushes around the seal prevent warm air from escaping, contributing to an energy-efficient home.

Configurable Hardware for Optimum Security

We only use high-quality hardware across our aluminium bi-fold door range. This ensures our standard of quality remains consistent across the board. Hardware includes a key lock handle available in a traditional lift-up style with an adjustable one-piece keep. Other hardware that comes with our aluminium bi-fold doors enhance security further, ensuring security remains consistent.

We provide our latest range of aluminium bi-fold doors with multi-point locks for main sashes and shoot-bolt locks on floating mullions. We allow you the choice of lock to attain crisp aesthetics. Malvern Glass offers a suitable array of handles to suit your bi-fold doors, and are configurable by colour as well as style. Our handles are high-quality, offering comfortable operation.

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High-Performance Glazing

There is a gap beneath the surface of your glazing between each glazed sheet, which is essential to the overall thermal performance. Inert gas gets through the gap, defending doors against draughts. Double glazing contributes to fantastically low u-values in coordination with Building Regulations, which can be further enhanced by triple glazing.

We use high-quality glass for our double and triple glazing. You have the option for low-emissivity glass, a feat which heavily encourages thermal efficiency and improved Windows Energy Ratings. You’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of decorative options, meaning you can choose a style that perfectly suits your home, modern and traditional alike.

Guaranteed Performance

We provide a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty at Malvern Glass, on any payment you make. We have 40 years’ worth of experience meeting with customers and helping with home improvements. Our philosophy is simple, we offer good, honest value for money, on every occasion. That’s what our guarantee is for, to ensure that if we do not provide standard service, you’re entitled to an exchange.

There is an NBS check available for these aluminium bi-fold doors, which means we guarantee outstanding performance. You’ll be able to enjoy quality that is long-lasting and efficient. Our aluminium bi-fold doors are a wonderful way to enhance your home. They utilise the very best in modern design to guarantee quality and performance throughout.

Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing of our aluminium bi-fold doors, punch tooling is used to produce fine holes and tailor the design precisely to the way they are supposed to look. Our aluminium also uses mitred corners to prevent rigid corners, to achieve the sleek profile design that is so widely renowned as the best profile on the market. Don’t settle for less.

Everything is manufactured together by our suppliers. This means we’ll be able to offer a prompt, cost-effective installation into your home. We follow the tight guidelines of Building Regulations during the design process of our aluminium bi-fold doors. Therefore our manufacturing process is precise and accurate for outstanding final products that simply offer more.

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Aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials that there is. We use 100% recyclable aluminium for our bi-fold doors profile, ensuring that the construction of our doors is safe for the environment aluminium bi-fold doors do not contain lead, nor create waste. We are proud to offer extremely environmentally-friendly bi-fold doors here at Malvern Glass.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are thermally efficient, meaning you’ll rely less heavily on your central heating. This, in turn, will reduce your carbon footprint over time, as well as your heating costs. These doors are the result of an eco-friendly manufacturing process that has been intelligently designed to cut down on carbon emissions. You’ll be able to enjoy premium standards in a sustainable way.

Variety of Colours

We offer a bespoke set of profile colours for our aluminium bi-fold doors to correspond with existing features, such as windows and furniture. Our colours are scratch-resistant for durable performance. Choose from a collection of colours and textures, which allow you to finish your aluminium bi-fold doors to blend in with you property aesthetic.

We offer a dual colour option, allowing you to have a different interior colour to your exterior. This allows you to complement the interior and exterior of your home, simultaneously. Our colour selection includes 13 standard and other nonstandard colours, in addition to Smart’s 12 unique textures. You’re sure to find the perfect choice for you, here at Malvern Glass.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices

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