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Is Your Home In Malvern Draughty? Secondary Glazing Will Solve The Problem

If you want to enjoy a more thermally efficient home and reduce noise intrusion at the same time, secondary glazing is the solution that you’ve been looking for. We can even install this type of glass in Malvern homes that are Grade I and Grade II listed. 

Secondary glazing can be combined with single, double and triple glazing Our products are made from high-grade materials and will add lasting value to your home in Malvern. Enjoy better all-round thermal performance, better security and comfort.

Personalise the style of your secondary glazed windows by selecting from our wide palette of styles and colours. A total of 200 RAL shades are available, so you’re bound to find the right match. Call the Malvern Glass team today for advice and a quote.

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How Does Secondary Glazing Work?

If you’ve not heard the term before, you may not know how secondary glazing works. It is a second window that is used in cases where a homeowner has single glazing but, for a range of reasons, is not able to upgrade to secondary or triple glazing.

The installation is independent, single glazed and exist within its own dedicated frame. The system can be removed to allow access for cleaning or to ventilate a room. Some types of secondary glazing open and close like a conventional window.

The Advantages Of Secondary Glazing

Malvern Glass will simply add another layer of single glazing to your existing windows. The process used to fit the glazing is simple, which means there’ll be only minimal disruption to your daily routine when we complete work at your property.

Secondary glazing blends in, so friends and family won’t even notice that it’s there. It is extremely versatile too, in that it can be used in conservation areas, areas of natural beauty – and even in listed buildings. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Choose secondary glazing to enjoy all of the following and more:

  • A More Peaceful Home. Secondary glazing will block out noise caused by traffic and people by a much as 8-&, making your home a more peaceful place to be.
  • Better Thermal Efficiency. Prevent heat loss through your windows by as much as 65% and reduce your energy bills.  Make the cost-efficient choice for your home.
  • Protection For Your Home. The additional layer of glass we fit will further reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home, so you can buy with peace of mind.
  • Continuity of Design. Our stunning secondary glazing will complement the look of your home and are ideal for heritage or period style buildings in the Malvern area.
  • Prevent Condensation. We can install secondary glazing that includes trickle ventilation, which will stop problems like damp, mould and condensation from occurring.

Cost Of Secondary Glazing Malvern

Secondary Glazing Manufactured By Granada

Malvern Glass carefully researched the market to find a reliable secondary glazing manufacturer. We chose Granada, because they tailor each product to suit the needs of our customers – meaning that we can enhance the appearance of their property and improve its market appeal. You’ll be able to enjoy better thermal efficiency, improved acoustics and much-improved security.

Because we have such a broad range of styles to offer our customers, you’ll be able to find a match that suits your property – whether its historic or period. Our solutions are cost-effective and we can install secondary glazing at your home quickly but without compromising on quality. Contact us today for a more detailed discussion or to arrange an appointment for us to visit you.

We Install Secondary Glazing In Malvern and The Surrounding Areas

Malvern Glass has been working with customers in your area for many years. We have in-depth knowledge of our products and can help with other aspects of your project, should you require additional support. Our products meet – but often exceed – industry requirements, meaning that you can buy from us with peace of mind.

In terms of performance, you’ll be buying a product that will make your home in Malvern a more comfortable place to spend time. You’ll able to turn down the thermostat and enjoy lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint, too. Our secondary glazing is suitable for modern homes, traditional buildings and much more.

Whether your home features top hung, sliding sash or lift out windows, we’ll be able help. Our secondary glazing is compatible with almost any style – so you won’t have to worry about any issues that might otherwise have prevented us from starting work at your Malvern property. Why not make an appointment with us today.

Secondary Glazing Prices, Malvern and Surrounding Areas

We install secondary glazing for customers in the Malvern area. As specialists in our field, we have the expertise to help. Contact a member of our experienced team today to find out more, get prices or arrange an appointment.

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