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If you are looking for a traditional style window to add charm to your Leominster property, you need not look any further. Our vertical sliding windows, also known as sliding sash windows, are the perfect solution. These uPVC windows are carefully designed to replicate the look of traditional timber joinery while offering modern performance benefits.

Vertical sliding windows have been a much-loved style that has been around for decades. They offer elegance and charm to any property, whether new or old. Until recently, this aesthetic appeal came with a price. Vertical sliding windows are previously made from timber and performed very poorly. However, our sliding sash windows from VEKA are made from uPVC. By doing this VEKA has bridged the issue of vertical sliding windows being a compromise between style and performance. With our windows, you will receive both as standard!

If you live in a conservation area, heritage home or listed building our vertical sliding windows are perfect. They have been approved for use within these situations and will help your traditional property perform to modern standards while maintaining character. Unlike so many other uPVC window styles, our sash windows have been approved due to strict rules put in place by building regulations and local planning authorities.

Due to their upwards opening configuration preventing the need for swing space, our vertical sliding windows are perfect for homes in Leominster that are on the smaller side. These windows allow you to maximise your available space while allowing your home to flood with natural light. Natural light has been proven in high levels to make a home feel bigger, brighter and airier.

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Sliding Sash Windows Leominster

High Security

With our vertical sliding windows from VEKA, you do not ever have to worry about forced entry attempts or break-ins. While old and outdated sliding sash designs were known for their poor levels of security, our vertical sliding windows excel in this area.

Strong and robust uPVC profiles allow for a window that is entirely safe. This is then paired with sheets of advanced double glazing. With this, your vertical sliding window will meet the highest security standards. We then like to take it a step further. Our windows are fitted with advanced locking systems in order to exceed the PAS24 certification. This ensures that our windows are the most secure on the market today. Have complete peace of mind that your new vertical sliding windows will protect what matters most.

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Reduced Energy Bills

Thanks to the uPVC profile and double glazing, our vertical sliding windows will help reduce your energy bills. They feature an innovative multi-chambered profile that works to trap pockets of warm air, preventing cold transfer. This creates what is essentially a thermal barrier which will work to keep your home a consistent temperature throughout the year. Say goodbye to cold winters!

With this, you will find yourself using less central heating than ever before. This will in turn cause your heating bills to decrease, saving you money. This makes our vertical sliding windows an extremely cost efficient purchase as you will soon save back what you spend on them in reduced bills.

As well as being thermally efficient, these sash windows are also entirely weatherproof. Your Leominster home will be kept warm and dry throughout the cold and wet months thanks to a 10mm overlap between the frame and sash. Innovative beading and gaskets ensure that your windows meet the BS6375 standard for weatherproofing. Your home will stay unaffected by any wet weather preventing damp or mould issues.

Authentic Appeal

As mentioned, our vertical sliding windows are supplied by VEKA and manufactured from uPVC. Although uPVC is a modern material, you will still experience authentic sash window appeal. This is due to the level of detailing that goes into creating our profiles.

We also offer woodgrain finishes to allow our windows to be a true replica of traditional timber. You simply cannot tell the difference! This also means that your new vertical sliding windows will require less maintenance. While wood is known to crack, warp and distort after exposure to water, our windows will not. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth will keep your windows looking brand new.

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Trusted Local Installer

Here at Malvern Glass, we are trusted local double glazing installers in Leominster. Feel relaxed knowing that you can rely on us, come rain or shine. We aim to make the installation of your vertical sliding windows as stress free and as easy as possible. This is why we offer our outstanding products at an affordable price with an efficient installation. Call us today to get your new home renovation project started!

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You may also call us directly on 01684 892 860. Our team would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help you where possible.

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